the usa & zambian chapter

In the USA chapter, Miracles of Hope Foundation offers various services to cancer patients and survivors. They provide emotional support through counseling and support groups, helping individuals navigate the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. Additionally,
the foundation assists with financial resources, such as medical bill assistance and transportation to treatment centers. Their goal is to ensure that no one faces cancer alone and that individuals have access to the support they need to thrive. In the Zambia chapter, Miracles of Hope Foundation focuses on improving cancer care and treatment in the country. They work closely with local healthcare facilities to provide
training and education to medical professionals, aiming to enhance the quality of cancer care. The foundation also raises awareness about cancer prevention and early detection, empowering communities to take control of their health. Furthermore, Miracles of Hope Foundation supports cancer patients in Zambia by providing medical supplies, medication, and financial assistance. Through their initiatives in both the USA and Zambia, Miracles of Hope Foundation has made a significant impact on the lives of individuals affected by cancer. Jean Mwale’s
personal experience as a cancer survivor and amputee brings a unique perspective to the organization, allowing them to address the specific needs and challenges faced by cancer patients and survivors. With their dedication and compassion, Miracles of Hope Foundation continues to inspire hope and provide valuable support to those on their cancer journey.

CEO’s Visit at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH)

In Zambia, under the Ministry of Health, The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) houses the department of orthopedics. During her visit, hosted by Dr. James Mulenga, Jean was taken to the orthopedic center for prosthetics and orthotics. Here a guided tour through the workshop, first stop rehabilitation center and overall insight of the management challenges and awareness around limb loss and limb difference. She also proceeded to Meet Community Initiative leaders who champion awareness and stigma eradication and hearing the challenges faced at individual to community needed support was an eye opening discovery. During her interaction she discovered that there is need for medicinal support and policy advocating which are cardinal for patient recovery. For example, the policies dealing with phantom pains and even extended home based assessment as well as structural adjustments for better quality of life. The founder even had a chance of Meeting a young man named Emmanuel, who lives in a rural area called Mumbwa, travelled to have his first fitting of prosthetic leg at the age of 30 since he lost his leg at the age of 5. The dynamics surrounding the challenges faced in the provision of prosthetics are prevalent in the Zambian communities. Another major challenge faced by the department is inadequate medical supplies.

CEO’s Visit at the Ministry of Community and Development Services (MCDSS)

During the visit to the Ministry of Community Development and social services (MCDSS), a comprehensive study was conducted on the Procedures and Policies for people with disabilities. An intricate analysis surrounding limb loss and limb difference in rural as well as urban communities was also done. The social welfare provisions that the Ministry and other government agencies provide was equally analyzed. The procedure on how MCDSS conducts stigma awareness and training support was also looked at.

CEO’s Visit at Capitol Hill – USA

Traveling from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC, CEO Jean Mwale attended the Advocacy Education and Hill Day on April 17-18 and joined forces with 27 other advocates from around the country. This two-day event was strategically planned during Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month to maximize its impact.

CEO Honoured at the 2023 Amputee Coalition National Conference – USA

On the opening day of the 2023 National Conference, the Amputee Coalition held a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. CEO and Founder Jean Mwale was among the few that were honoured as the most active volunteer with the inaugural Values in Action awards during the event and earned it as the Regional Ambassador.

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